Introduction of original whisky 3- "Crane & Sky(Kanosuke Distillery)]

Kanosuke Distillery, "Single Malt Kanosuke 2021 FIRST EDITION" has just been released on June 16th (Wednesday).

We will be able to provide barrels from such Kanosuke Distillery!

"Crane & Sky" series. Since the logo mark with the Kanosuke Distillery is a crane, we used a crane that flaps in the sky for the design.

(Please note that the label design is subject to change.)

Please enjoy the "Mellow" whisky unique to Kanosuke Distillery.

Distillery: Kanosuke Distillery / Distilled :2018 / Bottled :2021 / 1st fill bourbon barrel # 18129 / Applications are being accepted at the following URL from 10:00 AM on June 22nd today!

We also provide details on bottles. Please also check.

[Application form]

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