Introduction of original whisky 4- "prayer series"

[Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2021] Introducing the original whisky, followed by the "prayer" series!

This is the 9th! It is "Ledaig / Toba Molly 2008". Aged for 12 years.

The original label is "Before the performance" created by Hiromi Sumida .

Specifications may vary due to the introduction of the label design.

Distillery: Tobermory Distillery / Alcohol content:52.6% / Distilled:February 2008 / Bottled : June 2020 / Aged :12 years / Aged barrel :HHD # 700125 / Total number: 135 / Label original picture: Hiromi Sumida "Before the performance"

Applications are being accepted at the following URL from 10:00 AM on June 22nd today!

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