Introduction of original whisky 6- "Frontispiece series"

[Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2021] A new series of original whiskeys will be released!

Its name is "Frontispiece". The label design is the work of artist Emi Tajima, lives in Fukuoka City.

"Blended malt 18 years"

Alcohol content 46% / Distillation year August 2001 / Bottled year March 2020 / Aged 18 years / Aged barrel bat # 85 / Total number 310 /

Label original picture Emi Tajima <Residing in Fukuoka City> "In the whirlpool of rumors"

"Deanston 20 years"

Distillery Deanston Distillery / Alcohol content 51.1% / Distilled: October 1999 / Bottled: October 2019 / Aging years 20 years / Aged barrel Hogshead # 2517 / Total number 200

Label original picture Emi Tajima < Fukuoka City> "What I don't want to tell you"

Specifications may vary due to the introduction of the label design. Details such as specifications will be introduced again.

Applications are being accepted at the following URL from 10:00 AM on June 22nd today!

We also provide details on bottles. Please also check.

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