Introduction of original whisky 8- "Red roof factory"

Introducing the spirits made by AKAYANE DISTILLERY of Sota Soji Shoten in Kagoshima, which has been exhibited at Whisky Talk Fukuoka.

It is "Absan gin".

Mr. Kazuyuki Higuchi of the executive committee chairman Bar Higuchi tasted it.

"Aromas and flavors full of surprises, and a lingering finish with the ultimate freshness that I have never experienced. The frequency that was prepared while exchanging opinions with Mr. Nakahara of the AKAYANE DISTILLERY was 63%. ". The total number is 600.

The original label is a pencil drawing by Sayaka Yamada, lives in Fukuoka City.

Distillery Sota Soji Shoten Red roof factory / Alcohol content 63% / Total number 600 / Label original picture Sayaka Yamada (resident in Fukuoka City)

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