Introduction of original whisky 9- "GAIA" Guyana rum

[Whisky Talk Fukuoka 2021] Original rum for the first time!! ” Guyana Rum "Port Morant 2002".

What a 20-year-old rum! The wonderful taste that also has some freshness is attractive.

The specifications are as follows.

Distillery Gaiana GY (UK) Diamond Distillery / Alcohol content 52.3% / Distilled:2002 / Bottle: 2020 / Aged 17 years / Aged barrel barrel # 89 / Total number 200 / Label original picture Amy Depana

The cheerful design, which is rare on the label of the original bottle of Whisky Talk, is also a point.

Applications are being accepted at the following URL from 10:00 AM on June 22nd today!

We also provide details on bottles. Please also check.

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Please be sure to read the notes before applying. We are looking forward to your application.