Question & Answer 




"Whisky talk Fukuoka" is the largest whisky festival in Kyushu. 
Many manufacturers and wholesalers of whisky submit to this event. 

We are trying to let much more people know the charm of whisky.

If your age is aged 20 and over, you can participate in this event. 


Is there any day ticket? 


Of course, we are preparing day tickets. We sell day tickets at the hall receptionist. The price is JPY 4,000. 

We'll recommend you preliminary purchase about seminar tickets.


Is reservation necessary to attend seminars?? 


If you attend a seminar, we'll recommend you preliminary purchase of a seminar ticket.

Please purchase the seminar ticket of hope at a ticket sales site "e+ (e Plus)." 
Please see a [ticket page] or a [seminar page] for details.

In addition, all seminars are performed in Japanese. 


Even if I don't participate in a seminar, can I enjoy myself? 


Yes. Are sure. We are preparing various programs. 
There are many booth which can enjoy whisky , food and cocktail by  support companies.

Music by  professionals and  art works are being also prepared.

It would be wonderful experience for you.


Can I purchase limited whisky at the hall? 


Sorry.We do not sell at the hall. It is only reservation in order to avoid confusion at the hall on the event day. As for reservation, only a visitor can do it. 
However, if the number of reservation becomes more than the number of bottles,

It will carry out lottery sale. We announce you a lottery result and a shipping date later. 

It's repeated, but order seat submission at the hole doesn't mean an order-receiving promise.

Please check it.



Is there any staff who can speak English? 


Yes. An owner bartender of "WHISKY BAR LEICERDT", Mr. Yuichiro Sumiyoshi, is an English speaker. 
He has the experience which worked for a company at foreign countries (English area). 
He's also a professional translator at the same time as he's a bartender.


     Yuichiro Sumiyoshi